Monday, 28 January 2013

Virman Drabble: B is for... Betrayal


She and her small world.
A prince enters
Sets an imaginative stage
Gives all happiness
Makes her the queen of his heart.
She has it all.
She is used as a toy
Betrayed by the boy.
No meaning to her life
Its a blunt knife
No emotions
No direction
Only Betrayal
Only Betrayal
She and her small world

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Virman Drabble: A is for... Angel

I have decided to write on Virman according to each letter of the alphabet... please give me your reviews on it :) Every Drabble will have a back story to it and are not at all related.  Never wrote one before so started off with a short Drabble. Will try and increase the length upto 100 words. 
The first one is of 57 words. 




He is hurt.
She heals his wound.
He has lost everything. 
She brings back life in his world
He hates life
She makes him fall in love
He is rejected
She makes him important
He is shattered
She believes in him
He lost all hopes
She supports him
He wants an end.
She begins it for him.
He falls for an Angel.
She falls for a devil. 



Saturday, 26 January 2013

A Scene- What If?

Had written this when Beeji had restricted Maanvi from attending Jeevika's Wedding. 

What If?

Beeji held Maanvi from her arm and dragged her in a room."Listen carefully. You are not allowed to be a part of Jeevika's wedding and this is my final decision. Dare you try creating nuisance here."Maanvi questioned Beeji but was brushed off and has to agree to her orders. Once in her room she cries her heart out and reminisces the games they played as kids. How Maanvi never wanted Jeevika to go away from her. How Jeevika promised her to stay together all her life and today when her Di was entering a new chapter of her life. She is angry at herself for inviting troubles at all times."Every time something bad has to happen with me. Just because of Viraat, now i cant attend my sister's wedding. Why does he complicate my already complicated life?  Why did he gate crash the function? Why? He infuriated Beeji  and  she thinks I am at fault. I can't live without Di.. I cant live without her."Jeevika senses something wrong with Maanvi and asks her if she isn't feeling well.  Maanvi brushes off her worries by saying that she is crying out of happiness. She is very happy to see Jeevika marrying Viren. She hugs Jeevika to hide her tears. "How do i tell you, Di.  I am happy for your marriage but your brother in law couldn't see my happiness for long and forced Beeji to ban me from attending your wedding"Jeevika asks Maanvi to help her in getting ready for the wedding and Maanvi happily agrees. She helps Jeevika adorn all her jewellery and prays for a miracle to happen so that Beeji allows her to attend the wedding.Every one enters the room and take Jeevika to the mandap, ignoring Maanvi. She accompanies her till the doorway and promises her to stay with her during all the rasams. Viren extends his hand and helps Jeevika to be comfortable in the mandap. Maanvi slowly moves back and runs into her room. She cries her heart out and faints.Viraat realised Maanvi was not there in any of the rasam's. He asks Jeevika about her and brushes off the matter thinking she might be planning on how to steal Viren's shoes.His heart skipped a beat when he heard Beeji talking to Swamini Bua about how she banned Maanvi from not attending the wedding and now Swamini Bua will have no problems at all. Bua doesn't reply but is pleased with Beeji's decision.Viraat gets annoyed, "How can Bua be so heartless? Maanvi was not wrong at all. It was me who compelled her to go ahead with her performance, It was me who made fun of her and who got the punishment? Maanvi. How can Bua tell a sister not to attend her own sister's wedding! She has crossed all her limits today."Angry and frustrated, he walks upstairs and opens the door of Maanvi's room. He is shocked to see her on the floor, lying lifeless. He sits on the floor, places her head in his lap and caresses her hair. "Maanvi, get up!" Unconscious maanvi mutters, "Beeji, please forgive me!! I never.. I never wanted this.. to... to..." Viraat throws water on her face and she gains consciousness."Maanvi, are you fine?" A tensed Viraat asks Maanvi while caressing her face.She gets up and says, "Yes, I am fine. What are you doing here? Why have you left the wedding? Go Buaji must be finding you."

"Maanvi, I am here to take you down. I wont go anywhere till you are not ready."
Maanvi hesitated a bit and said,"Viraat, you go, I'll come after a few minutes."

Viraat is very irritated now and screams, "Enough Maanvi. Why do you want to gain sympathy? Who do you think will get fooled by your drama? I heard Beeji and Swamini Bua and i know why are you not ready till now for Bhabhi's wedding. Bua shouldnt have done this.  

Maanvi is shocked at Viraat's behaviour, "Oh WOW! So Mr Atitude knows everything? You should be happy! Now LEAVE and attend your brother's wedding. I can't come."

Not in a mood to hear anything, Viraat catches Maanvi's hand and drags her down stairs while every one wait for them.