Friday, 1 February 2013

Virman Drabble: C is for...Colour


Splash of colour here
Splash of colour there
Speaks of their love
As fresh as the Green
As dark as Red 
As pure as White
As blind as Black
As calm as Blue
He loves her 
With all his due
They're the two
Enjoying colours
Enjoying Life
They're the two
Enjoying love
Splash of colours 
in their life


  1. What we call a fairytale is what the feeling comes here. Starting from 'Once upon a time....... to ........ happily ever after' A life anyone would yearn to have. No sorrows, no pains. Happiness and love are the colours to be speard which is what the duo happens to do, enjoying the moments of bliss together.

  2. really a sweet way to describe !!!!!!!!!!!