Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Happy Birthday Sanaya. You are a precious jewel!

So, yesterday a very beautiful, composed, down to earth, helpful, the best critic i have around me, celebrated her Birthday. We don't talk a lot but there is this bond that i share with her which instantly connects us. This bond makes us feel as if we have been friends since forever!! 
Sanaya, though i have been calling you a Devil for a few specific reasons, today i want to tell you that this devil is actually a doll who brings a wide smile on my face! Your busy schedule has given me a chance to get back to being a lazy girl but trust me, I'll be back soon and give you some interesting stories to read. You are 1 friend who i would never want to part ways with. There are a lot of things about you which let me do nothing but just admire you. I wish  you all the happiness and success. God bless Doll. And a wish coming from me is not complete without a poem so here you go Doll <3 

This is a special Day
Some call it your B'day
Some call it your best day.
I call it my day
I call it my special day.
You ask why?
God blessed me with a friend like you
He sent an angel in disguise in you.

Your friendship is what i treasure
those special moments, that precious smile,
is what i treasure
You have filled my life
far beyond what words can say.
So, isnt it my special Day?
Oh, It is your B'day.
And so i move around in glee
Coz it is a special day.
It is your B'day.
Happy Birthday Sanaya.

May god always bless you and may our friendship strengthen as never before in the days to come. Lots of love


  1. Its a very sweet wish, God bless your friendship!! <3

  2. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! Thankyou sooooooo much Kaminiiiiiiii!! This is such a sweet message <3 Ab mai kya kahun?? Itniiii tareef mat karo meri.. Humka sharam aawat hai.. *blushes* I love you sooooooooo much.. Though we dont get time to talk as much as I would like, but still u will always remain a very very special friend of mine.. *hugs* Mwaaahhh :*

  3. P.S. The poem is as sweet as you.. Thankyouuuuuuuu :*

  4. P.P.S ummm... nothing, actually... I am just speechless.. Love youuuuuuu <3 :*

  5. wowww what a wish....<3