Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Destiny (Asad- Zoya) Prologue


"Mr Asad Ahmed Khan, You will pay a very heavy price for this", Zoya screamed throwing the newspaper on the table. "No one has ever tried to question Zoya Farooki on her work ethics. How dare you do that!"

"Ms Zoya arrested for supplying drugs in the name of medicines." Zoya read the headline while crushing the newspaper into pieces.

"Miss Jennifer, cancel all my meetings and book me a ticket to India as soon as possible!." Zoya ordered her secretary as she made her way out of her cabin.

Playing with a pen, dropping sweat on paper, Asad Ahmed Khan sat in a close room lost in deep thought,  "Its a game Ms Farooqi. You have had many glorious days. Its my turn now! May Allah save you. This defeat of yours, or lets call it my win , surely calls for a party, doesn't it Ms Farooqi?" "I am coming! Zoya, I am coming!"

"Ajay, get my chopper ready, I am flying to the US tonight for a very important business meeting " Asad instructed his assistant over the phone while packing his bag.

Read "Destiny" to know how Childhood best friends turn rivals. Will they ever meet? What has destiny planned for them?

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  1. awwww I'm looking forward for this. Update soon senorita.